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CONSULTING >>> Organizational Development Project

CONSULTING >>> Organizational Development Project

PMO has developed Organizational Development Project for Alco Retail Group 

The project aimed to study Alcorium and implement its organizational development activities, such as organizational strategy, including marketing strategy, organizational structure, development of HR documents, service improvement, standardization, in-house training, and recommendations for organizational improvement.

PMO consultants thoroughly reviewed the organization's internal documentation, conducted face-to-face interviews with both Alcorium management and network and office staff, conducted anonymous network research, in-depth analysis of problems, and mystical evaluation of stores. Following this organizational diagnosis, market research was conducted at both local and global best practice levels. At the end of the project, numerous Alcorium organizational development documents were provided to the client. A team of consultants has developed an algorithm structure, job descriptions, and motivation system to increase employee engagement and efficiency for both store and Back Office staff. The PMO consultants also developed a three-year organizational and marketing strategy and their respective one-year action plan; A standard service document was created, including the service process and its standardization.

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