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Human Resource Management

HR Diagnostics  

Efficiency is the basis for a company’s success, which makes identifying deficiencies in businesses of imperative importance. Common areas of deficiency can be employee attitude or skills, corporate culture, business processes, lack of strategy understanding across employee levels, poor performance measurements, lack of employee engagement.

PMO Business Consulting provides solutions to these deficiencies through our proven HR diagnostics systems and provide recommendations for overall HR performance improvement.

HR Effectiveness  

HR systems support business strategy. Most organizations face challenges with their HR systems as they are often not fully equipped to support company goals. Many business managers do not fully understand HR’s role meaning HR systems are underdeveloped, and HR functions limited to basic administrative and training activities.

In its HR effectiveness service, PMO Business Consulting identifies which HR functions and systems would be the most supportive to company strategy and provide recommendations on which HR systems and functions to implement. We use a HR model that delivers maximum value to business, engages and motivates people, finds and cultivates talent, enables employees to maximize their performance, and uses modern technology to support the HR decision making process.

Performance Management System  

Many companies experience high employee turnover, low engagement and motivation, and fail to optimize productivity. Even if these are not an immediate problem for businesses, there is always room to improve. Effective performance management systems can vastly improve the overall performance of a company’s employees.

In Performance Management System, PMO Business Consulting analyses company strategy, business needs, and organizational culture and then integrates them into HR Performance Management System. An efficient Performance Management System gives employees a clear vision of their company’s goals, improves their engagement and motivation, and creates feelings of fairness and healthy competition internally. This results in improved morale and motivation and increases the productivity of the company.


Consistent access to coaching is essential for employees, both old and new. This allows them to adapt to changes in the market-place keeping businesses competitive within their field. PMO Business Consulting provides management coaching aimed at helping managers to implement their strategic action plans. This is primarily done through one-on-one coaching sessions in which clear business targets are defined and set, and communication standards are established and implemented.