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Market Entry & Expansion

Business Plan 

Having a business plan is imperative for the development of any company, large or small. Business plans ensure that growth occurs in a structured and organized manner, and they help organizations raise funds and establish the right business relationships for their company. A clear vision for the future is essential, business plans help crystallize this.  An effective business plan summarizes a company’s existing situation, assesses its strengths and weaknesses, and sets objectives and strategic decisions moving forwards - this facilitates a work environment with clear goals, maximizing efficacy.

At PMO Business Consulting, we collect all the necessary information about our client’s company and the market in which they are operating, we conduct detailed analysis of collected data, and work closely with the management to come up with viable future goals and plans. This business and market analysis is the bedrock for the business plan that we help our clients create.

Feasibility Study 

Feasibility studies help determine the market feasibility of new endeavors by analysis the legal, economic, market, and technological factors that may impact the success or failure of new projects. It is an important task for a business to undertake before embarking on a new project as it will determine the possibility of success and identify key obstacles to overcome. Thus, feasibility studies allow project managers to determine whether investing time, money, and resources into a project is worthwhile from an early stage.

At PMO Business Consulting, we perform detailed feasibility studies. These include several components: project scope, current analysis, requirements, approach, evaluation and review. With this completed we provide our clients with a report detailing the market landscape and provide advise as to whether it is a good idea to invest in the proposed concept or project.

Investment Advisory 

Investment consulting helps investors with long-term investment allocation. At PMO Business Consulting, we provide guidance to help clients with asset allocation strategy and help create organization specific investment guidelines. With our detailed, constructive approach, we acknowledge our clients financial circumstances and customize an approach to their needs.

When investing it is important to have a comprehensive investment strategy. Central to any investment strategy is asset allocation. This process considers clients entire investment profile and their specific needs, goals, time frame, and risk and reward expectations to create a plan that best allocates company resources. At PMO Business Consulting, we help our clients to allocate their assets successfully based on our meticulous business diagnostic and evaluation processes, which identifies the best investment direction for our clients and then tailors a specific plan to put them on this investment path.

Commercial Due Diligence 

Due diligence is a preventive tool for all parties involved in a transaction. It is the process of investigating a transaction before a transaction takes place. Commercial Due Diligence assesses information in the following areas: market structure, size and drivers, key competitors, market share, barriers to new entrants, customer and supplier feedback, key risks and areas of improvement.

At PMO Business Consulting, we undertake comprehensive analysis and rigorous investigation, our commercial due diligence analysis helps our clients to make the right decision and achieve success in their business.