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CONSULTING >>> Communication Strategy

CONSULTING >>> Communication Strategy

PMO has developed PR strategy for Georgian Waste Management Association      

PMO Business Consulting, in the frame of HICD 2020 project, has developed a PR strategy for Georgian Waste Management Association. The goal of the project was to develop a PR/communication strategy and action plan, as well as to support the association in implementing selected activities from the action plan. Also, in order to strengthen the PR/communication skills of GWMA employees and their members, our team of consultants held three-day trainings on related topics.

The project will contribute to the strengthening of the association members’ PR/communication skills, promote an increase of GWMA’s role in sector popularization and raise general public awareness on the importance of safe waste management operations. This will also result in the establishment of the association as a well-known and powerful brand on the Georgian market.

The mission of Georgian Waste Management Association (GWMA) is to develop a waste management sector through introducing and implementing modern waste management technologies to promote sustainable economic growth and the safeguarding of the environment across the country.

The association works in two main directions:

  • Development of a beneficial business-environment for waste collection and processing businesses in the country by advocating and lobbying important topics for industry development with stakeholders, including decision makers;
  • Development of possibilities for collecting and processing companies according to international standards.