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Consulting >>>  Feasibility Study

Consulting >>> Feasibility Study

PMO Has Conducted Feasibility Study of Income Generation Projects in Machakhela and Mtirala National Parks  

The study was conducted for the Agency of Protected Areas (APA), under the GEF funded UNDP implemented project “Expansion and Improved Management Effectiveness of Achara Region’s Protected Areas”. The aim of the study was to assess the feasibility of income generation projects in Machakhela and Mtirala National Parks.

PMO collected information from a variety of sources, conducted on site visits in Machakhela and Mtirala National Parks and filtered it carefully and analyzed it with the help of industry experts. Based on the analysis of collected information, PMO derived results and developed a report containing recommendations and further steps that will support the development of Mtirala and Machakhela National Parks.

The study has two goals for the two main National Parks in the Adjara region:

  • Identification of projects with high income generation potential for Machakhela National Park and provide its feasibility analysis in terms of an economic, environmental and technical point of view.
  • Prepare an impact assessment of a new road to Chakvistavi village in Mtirala National Park and to define the relevant actions needed to mitigate negative impacts and to maximize benefits from a growing number of visitors to Mtirala National Park

Georgia is a country that is experiencing a significant increase in tourism each year. This fact creates an opportunity for local businesses, resorts and national parks to attract more visitors and generate more income. It must be noted, that an increase of income generation capacity is possible only if the needs of visitors are taken into consideration and the right conditions are provided.