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PMO Latest Insight >>> Mountain Tourism in Georgia

PMO Latest Insight >>> Mountain Tourism in Georgia

Mountain Tourism in Georgia 

Recent political developments notwithstanding, Georgia has experienced an impressive growth in tourism since 2012. International awareness of the country has increased significantly, cheap and direct flight now fly to multiple locations across the country, and press coverage of things to do and see in Georgia has become more frequent. Since 2012, the number of annual visitors has increased by almost four million.
People come for many reasons - art, culture, clubbing, relaxation, food and wine, and outdoor pursuits. It is the last of these, outdoor pursuits, which this article examines. Georgia is a country of immense natural beauty with the Caucasus Mountains forming a stunning natural border between Georgia and Russia. It is also a land of dramatic geological diversity, from desert in the east, to the mountains of the north, the lush forests of Samtskhe-Javakheti, and the near sub-tropical coast line of Adjara and Guria. This diversity offers visitors interested in pursuing outdoor and adventure tourism with a myriad of options to do so while in Georgia.

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