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PMO Latest Insight >>> Loyal Customers Do Not Exist

PMO Latest Insight >>> Loyal Customers Do Not Exist

Loyal customers do not exist 

All companies strive for the same thing - to build a strong brand, gain loyal customers, connect with them on an emotional level, and, ultimately, increase repeat sales and develop strong sources of revenue.
One of the biggest costs for organizations is marketing. Management teams consistently face the challenge of increaseing customer numbers. Organizations are planning marketing complex, setting up departments, focusing on service, trying to keep the process that is part of the product, creating additional value and causes for customers to generate more interest, and a host of many other actions that will ultimately drive sales growth. This challenge requires organizations to develop complex marketing schemes, establish departments focused on improving customer service, implement means to add value to service for customers.

For companies of all sizes, the first requirement for beginning any marketing process is to answer the following questions: "Who do we want to influence?" "Who is our potential customer?" "Where are they now?" "What interests them?" and "How do we reach them?" To answer these questions companies must first work out how to test their products and then develop understanding of challenges to market implementation of the good and/or service.

What does success look like?

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