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Industry Focus >>> Technology & Communication

Industry Focus >>> Technology & Communication

PMO conducted Market Research and Analysis of Innovation and Technology Sector in Georgia  

The general objective of the project was to develop the first Innovation and Technology Sector Study together with the study methodology, in order to provide the Government of Georgia (GoG), donor organizations, investors, the business sector and academia with a replicable study instrument for the innovation and technology sector in the country. The study report is accompanied by the directory of legal entities from the innovation and technology sector.
Development of the annual Innovation and Technology Sector Study began with the primary goal to build the framework and capture multidimensional, mutually reinforcing trends and constraints having a global as well as national focus in the innovation and technology sector. It also provides information on the level and resources of infrastructure, education and R&D, as well as, on the overall environment; scope and scale of past, present and future innovations demand and supply. Georgia’s progress in global rankings and potential for future improvement is also analyzed.

Detailed Report >>> https://bit.ly/2W6v0o8