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PMO Latest Insight >>> Meat Market in Georgia

PMO Latest Insight >>> Meat Market in Georgia

Meat Market in Georgia 

Consumer demand for meat and meat products is increasing annually in Georgia. It is difficult to argue what exactly led to an increase of average meat consumption: it could be a general change in taste, an increase in prices for other substitute products, the promotion of healthy lifestyle (meat is one of the major sources of proteins), or others.

Apart from the growth of meat consumption, the following trends of the Georgian meat market have been revealed:

  • Local meat production is mainly extensive and does not respond to market signals properly.
  • The meat market largely depends on imported foreign products (import has been exceeding domestic production since 2008).
  • The majority of imported meat is frozen, which is significantly cheaper than locally produced meat.
  • Much of the exported meat derives from re-export due to underdeveloped local production and favorable geographical location.
  • The price of cattle meat (beef, buffalo, and yak) has increased and the respective meat consumption has been partly substituted with cheaper pork and poultry meat.

Detailed Report >>> https://bit.ly/2y16vO6