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The five-year USAID Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development 2020 Activity (HICD 2020), administered by USAID and implemented by Mendez England & Associates (ME&A), is designed to achieve tangible improvements in the human and institutional capacity of USAID’s strategic partner organizations in Georgia including governmental, non-governmental, and for-profit entities.

Working with the Mission, ME&A helps to implement the USAID/Caucasus HICD model of the structured and integrated processes that aims to identify fundamental causes of performance gaps in local partner organizations. Under HICD 2020, ME&A establishes performance monitoring systems to address these gaps in performance and to establish a cyclical process of continuous performance improvement. In addition, the ME&A team assists the Mission staff in planning and coordinating HICD initiatives with selected local partner organizations and supports USAID’s implementing partners in training activities.