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Financial & Risk Management

Financial Planning and Budgeting 

The primary objective of financial planning and budgeting is to optimize the management of a company’s financial resources. The planning and budgeting process should be closely related to a company’s strategic and tactical objectives, so that finances are directed where they will be most effective.

After a company’s management team reaches an agreement on a development strategy, the financial planning and budgeting process begins. This process involves planning, how to secure funds, and how to allocate them best to meet company objectives.

PMO Business Consulting works hand-in-hand with its clients during this important stage of business development.

Business Valuation 

Business valuation is the process of determining the worth of an asset or company. There are a number of different techniques used to evaluate the worth of a company or its assets.  The most common approaches are: Income Approach – which evaluates a company’s or asset’s  potential income and determines it’s value based on this data; Asset-Based Approach – which evaluates the price of a company based on the tangible assets it possess as well as the intangible synergies its acquisition may give an investor; and Market Approach/Comparable Approach – this determines the price of an asset or a company based on the market value of similar assets or companies.

At PMO Business Consulting, we offer our clients services of business valuation. We help them negotiate the most accurate price of acquisition or sale. By using a combination of these approaches, our highly experienced team provides our clients with a fair evaluation of their own or competitors assets and companies.

Enterprise Risk Management 

Enterprise risk management is the process of developing a company strategy that identifies existing market challenges and also helps predict risks and obstacles that may emerge in the future. PMO Business Consulting works with out clients to establish the level of risk vs. reward that they are willing to take on with their enterprise. To do this effectively we use an internationally recognized toolkit by the International Financial Corporation (IFC). This provides a tried and true methodology for our clients to use when deciding on the level of risk they are willing to take on with a future endeavor.