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Marketing & Product Development

Marketing Strategy 

Marketing strategy is the action of creating long-term goals that help companies develop fundamental and sustainable competitive advantages within a given market.  Marketing strategies set internal rules for companies that help them move cohesively towards achieving their goals, they provide analysis of companies’ strengths and weakness, and develops understanding of competitors and the market place at large.  

PMO Business Consulting helps it clients develop strong marketing strategies that help them thrive in competitive market spaces.

Communication Strategy 

Communication strategy is critical to the success of marketing plans. A good communication strategy will answer: what needs to be communicated? to whom does it need to be communicated to? and through which channels and mediums is this information best communicated? Communication strategies are guides that establish rules and parameters for media and public relations interaction, and highlights spheres in which the organization wishes to engage. 

PMO Business Consulting helps our clients create clear communication strategies that meet organizational and marketing goals.

Pricing Strategy 

Pricing strategy is an important aspect of marketing strategy. Pricing strategies vary between organization, product, and market competition.  Creating a successful pricing strategy is of vital importance to businesses as it is central to generating profit. 

PMO Business Consulting helps clients develop pricing strategies that ensures maximum profitability whilst maintaining a competitive position within the market place.

Targeting and Positioning 

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are important steps for the development of any marketing strategy. Segmentation is the process of identifying a target market for a company’s goods and services. Targeting is the process of identifying areas of this market which a marketing plan should focus on. Positioning is the process of identifying the way how to position the company in this market area in relation to other businesses that compete within it. 

PMO Business Consulting helps clients with all aspects of segmentation, targeting, and positioning so that they can thrive in their chosen market.