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Organizational Improvement

Organizational Strategy   

An Organizational strategy is the actions a company undertakes to achieve its long-term goals. In order to remain competitive and improve performance all companies need to have a clearly defined strategy, vision, and concept. Unfortunately, not all companies realize what their mission is and how they can fulfill it.

At PMO Business Consulting, we help companies identify their businesses core concepts and goals, and work with management to devise strategies to help them realize these.

Organizational Structure  

Organizational structure determines how roles, authorities and responsibilities are assigned throughout a company. It establishes important protocols around how information is passed between different levels of management, helps determine the optimum number of employees, and provides the means to equip them with the skills required for their role. It is imperative that companies adopt an organizational structure that is size appropriate. However, this is easier said than done. Many businesses have difficulty creating an appropriate organizational structure, subsequently this creates confusion and inactivity amongst staff as they can become unclear on who is doing what, or simply find themselves with no tasks to perform.

PMO Business Consulting helps its clients develop the correct organizational structure by determining their exact goal and strategy, and then devising a structure based on these to boost performance.

Business Process Optimization  

Business Process Optimization is a strategic approach designed to eliminate inefficiency and reduce costs in a company. Optimization of business processes can be an incredibly beneficial process that increases business productivity dramatically. However, it is difficult to implement successfully, and many businesses misunderstand the process resulting in a high failure rate. Organizations should have a well thought out and structured plan in place before beginning the process. 

PMO can help in assessing key business processes and constructing a detailed mapping of them to optimize company performance.

Performance Measurement  

Performance Measurement is the process of assessing and measuring a company products and processes. A good tool that indicates the progress towards the desired goal are Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). KPI’s help to assess a company’s current performance as well as providing understanding on a broader, more long-term scale.  Strategic KPIs monitor the implementation and effectiveness of an organization’s strategies, determine the gap between targeted and real performance, and define organization effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Corporate Governance  

Corporate governance consists of the structure and relationships determining corporate direction and performance.

Effective corporate governance is essential to company success.  Without a strong framework in place organizations can suffer from poor management, inadequate accounting, bad trading policies, and a lack of market flexibility.

At PMO Business Consulting we work with our clients create and implement management, administration and control mechanisms to help ensure their long-term success.