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Energy & Environment

The world’s understanding of the environment and the energy that we take from it for our everyday lives is changing. Environmental threats are a primary concern for people, governments and businesses alike and re-imagining our relationship with traditional energy consumption is considered by most to be a top priority for growth.

Georgia is attempting to keep up with this global shift and the government has implemented a number of policies to support the development of Green Energy within the country. This has primarily taken the form of encouraging the development of more Hydro-Power Plants, however, there is also increasing opportunities for wind and solar power renewable energy investment. However, despite these focuses Georgia remains largely dependent on imported fossil fuels for much of its industry – creating an infrastructure where this is not the case is of imperative importance moving forward.

Our team has worked on a wide range of projects across different energy sectors. We help our clients increase operational performance, optimize their personnel, manage capital projects, attract and retain customers, improve IT solutions, invest wisely, and capitalize on developing technological trends. Our clients include two of the largest oil and gas retailers operating in Georgia, as well as donor organizations supporting alternative energy development.

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