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Manufacturing & Trading

Manufacturing and trade are essential ingredients to national economies in the modern global economy. Over the last 20 years Georgia has experienced steady growth in these sectors and many businesses have started to thrive within it. There are a multitude of reasons for this. Special economic zones have encouraged direct foreign investment in the country, there has been an increase in the demand for imported goods, and deepened ties with many international actors have all contributed to this growth.

However, of specific importance for Georgia moving forwards is the development of projects along China’s “New Silk Road” initiative. Georgia finds itself in a unique position as it holds free trade agreements with both the EU and China – something that does not exist between the EU and China themselves. This opens up significant economic opportunity for Georgia, specifically in manufacturing and trade.

PMO has helped companies in this sector since its inception, we have grown with the demands placed on Georgian industries and are familiar with current situation faced by businesses within the country, as well as with the legacies which brought them to the point where they are now. PMO is experienced with assisting organizations to improve service quality, conduct environmental impact studies, and analyse and develop financial and organizational structures. PMO has also been involved in many staff retraining efforts and undertaken numerous feasibility studies for market expansion and re-branding.

Industry Experience