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Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism is one of Georgia’s most prominent industries and is certainly its most visible. The tourism and hospitality sectors are booming due to Georgia’s unique blend of nature, history, culture, food and wine. Between 2016 and 2018 alone the number of tourists visiting the country rose by over two million and over the past three years there has been a 37.6% increase tourism income.  The places from where tourists are arriving is greatly varied and expectations for what they will find in the country are as diverse. As such, understanding the target demographic of any organization is essential for industry success. Georgia is garnering more and more international attention in travel magazines and websites, this combined with the emergence of cheap flights from Europe, Asia, and the Arab world has contributed to this growth in tourism. However, expectations and wants of tourists vary greatly and Georgia’s hospitality and tourism sectors must be agile if it is to keep up with the growing pressures placed on them by the sectoral development.

PMO is experienced in helping companies and organizations adjust this rapidly changing business environment. We have conducted many feasibility studies, undertaken market research and analysis, performed commercial due diligence, assisted in organizational optimization, and produced many risk-management reports. These are invaluable services for any business looking to either break into, or remain relevant within, Georgia’s tourism market.

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