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Giorgi Bulia

Giorgi Bulia

Junior Consultant

Giorgi joined PMO Business Consulting in 2018 as a consultant. He has already taken major parts in various consulting projects, such as Regulatory Impact Assessment and various projects related to market research and analysis.

Giorgi’s industrial experience incorporates the Agriculture and Financial sectors. Before joining the Consulting industry, he had accumulated over four years of experience in the areas of Corporate Sales, and Research and Analytics in Macroeconomics.

Giorgi holds a Bachelor`s Degree in Macroeconomics from Tbilisi State University and a Master`s Degree in Economics at International Schools of Economy at Tbilisi State University (ISET). His experience and knowledge is further enriched with various professional training courses in the areas of sales, finances and economics.

E-Mail: g.bulia.pmo-bc.com