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Finance & Investment

Financial institutions face an ever-evolving set of opportunities and challenges. Adapting to change is essential for any financial institution which wishes to survive and thrive. There are changes in customer behavior, financial technologies, and new regulations for businesses to contend with. Such an environment naturally produces many obstacles for organizations, if there is a failure to meet these challenges then businesses will fail. However, if change is welcomed and understood then it presents an excellent opportunity for growth, to increase profits, and maximize organizational efficiency.

Over recent years investment in developing nations has been increasing. Georgia is a prime example of such a situation. With investment flowing in from North America, the EU, China and India, there is an increasing wealth of opportunities within the country’s financial market systems. Georgia’s financial sector has long been dominated by commercial banks. However, with the increased investment from abroad and within the country’s own borders, there is space for all forms of financial institutions within Georgia moving forward.


PMO offers a range of consulting services to companies in this sector. Our services are designed to help clients address strategic and operational challenges that are associated with this extremely competitive sector. Our highly experienced team has a deep knowledge of local and international financial service industries and work with a myriad of financial institutions, working with commercial banks, financial advisory companies, and IFI’s.

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