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Bank Constanta
Development of Project Management Capacity
Dec 2012 / Feb 2013

Development of Project Management Capacity

In September 2012, Bank Constanta finalized its strategic planning process and as a result developed a strategic plan and allocated the responsibility of implementing the plan to various departments. However, the project management capacity at the departmental level was unsatisfactory and PMO has been hired to develop the project management capacity in the organization. PMO started its project from understanding in details the strategy of the organization, conducted assessment of the capacity of the organization and identified gaps that hampered, or could have hampered the implementation of the strategic plan. Based on its findings, PMO developed project management training modules for the staff and trained them, as well as created project management standards in the organization and assisted people in developing and managing projects. After building the capacity, PMO supervised the process, had regular weekly meetings with them and assisted them in day-to-day project management issues for three months.

Bank Constanta  was the leading micro-finance bank on a Georgian market. With more than 500 employees in 19 regions throughout Georgia, Bank CONSTANTA offered high quality financial services before merging with TBC in 2015.

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