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Mtskheta City Municipality
Mtskheta City Economic Development Strategy
Oct 2015 / Feb 2016

Mtskheta City Economic Development Strategy

The goal of the project was to elaborate Mshkheta’s economic development strategy as a component of the General Land-Use plan of the city. The project was divided into two major phases. The first phase was to conduct a comprehensive study of the city. The study itself consisted of four major parts, including economic structure, local endowments, human capital and local institutions of the city. The second phase of the project implied Mtskheta’s economic development strategy formation, based on the study results and vision of all stakeholders in the best way possible. PMO has worked thoroughly on both phases and developed a vision for Mtskheta’s economic prosperity for the next 15 years. The strategy and action plans were elaborated, as the practical tool, for the upcoming 5 – 8 years.

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