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Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association
Strengthening Regional Network of Georgian Young Lawyers Association
Aug 2019 / Apr 2020

Strengthening Regional Network of Georgian Young Lawyers Association 


This project was sponsored by The Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development 2020 Activity (HICD 2020), which is a USAID Georgia project implemented by ME&A and its consortium members Chemonics International and Performance Design Partners (PDP). The objective of the project was to design a development strategy and action plan for GYLA’s regional network. Within the framework of the project, PMO conducted performance assessment of GYLA’s eight regional offices, performed SWOT analysis, and developed an entire evaluation document identifying region-specific and common operational gaps. This document proposed solutions to address these gaps and ways to establish a viable working platform that would ensure unique working processes and improve experience and competence sharing among the offices. Based on the evaluation results, PMO prepared a comprehensive three-year development strategy for the regional network together with one-year action plan. 

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