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Healthy Water
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Juice and CSD Market Study in Georgia
Jul 2014 / Aug 2014

Juice and CSD Market Study in Georgia

The objective of the project was to assist EBRD in evaluation of potential loan application received by Margebeli Holding. PMO performed commercial due diligence and prepared comprehensive report covering value chain, supply and demand, pricing levels and product specifications for locally produced juices, nectars and CSD lemonades. Based on the data, market entry potential of Margebeli holding was evaluated.

“Healthy Water” is Georgian-Swiss Company producing the mineral water “Nabeghlavi” and spring water “Bakhmaro”. The brand is present in 20 countries in the world. In 2017 “Rauch”, one of the leading fruit juice and non-alcoholic beverage companies in Europe, began to cooperate with JSC “Healthy Water” and in June, the new multi-profile, non-alcoholic beverage factory was opened in the village of Nabeghlavi, Guria.

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