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Training Concept for the SME Target Group in Georgia
Oct 2022 / Oct 2022

Training Concept for the SME Target Group in Georgia

In close coordination with the German Sparkassenstiftung, PMO's team developed training concepts addressing the skills development needs of rural Micro and Small Enterprises. In the frame of the project, consultants analyzed the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) report and other relevant documents. For additional information on specific needs addressed through the training programs, conducted interviews with direct and indirect stakeholder groups. In total, 25 interviews were conducted with the representatives of government agencies engaged in agricultural policy planning and implementing state support programs for rural development, as well as educational institutions with direct experience in designing and delivery of training modules in a different direction. Collected data was applied to identify relevant topics for developing the concept of required training modules and revealing future cooperation opportunities with potential service providers and strategic partners engaged in the delivery of training courses to the target SMEs.

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